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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meandering Down Vancouver Island

Meandering down the Island: Nanaimo to Victoria
I was so happy to wake up on Saturday morning to see the glorious sunshine! The amount of time I have spent in the fog has been somewhat of a transition for me. Living so close to the ocean can have it's draw backs...I know...poor me! Don't get me wrong, I am definitely not complaining. Anyways, Galen and I decided to take a roadtrip down to Victoria. No itinerary, no obligations, no agenda...well, you get the idea. Our first stop was at Whippletree Junction. Mainly, because we NEEDED more coffee...& snacks! It is a really quaint little place to visit/shop. There are several different stores then from what I remember as I haven't been there in many, many years. It did seem that many of the shops were selling similair things. I seem to recall that there was a greater diversity of goods available. However, we weren't really there to do any hard core shopping...we were just enjoying the sunshine ... and ...of course .... the snacks! Mmmmm, homemade date squares! After a few photos, including several pics of the trunk of a Cedar. Don't worry, I won't bore anyone by posting that! We made our way back onto the highway. Oh oh oh, but not that fast. I had to pull over to click away while pointing towards an old dilapidated farm house. Why are caved in old building SO fascinating? Hmmm...something to ponder. Perhaps, some future someone will find my house so interesting, and wonder about my life...? Next, we made our way down to Bamberton Beach. I remember being a kid, and LOVING going there 'cause you could always find sand dollars. I was very sad...there were no sand dollars this day! I was also surprised that there were private houses very close to the beach. It made me wonder if this was always so, and just not noticed by a child excited to be at the beach? or a new-ish development? I remember feeling the same way about the development of the stretch between Uclulet and Tofino. Signs of the times...everyone wants their piece of paradise. Who wouldn't love to live near such a special place? Here are a couple of the pics I took at Bamberton...

Ooooops! Before we knew it the clock said 2:30! Wow, we really were on "island" time!! Back up to the car and off we go, & over the Malahat... We started to see signs of "civilization" when we approached Langford (LOL)! Then through to the downtown area. We lallygagged our way through some shops (Market Square, Government street, etc.).
The icing on the cake was finding a random cupcake sitting at the base of a lamppost just up from Bastion Square! Seriously, a cupcake...randomly sitting there...all alone! This was probably one of the moments that Galen actually was a little embarrassed of his mother taking pictures of this oddity. People WERE watching don't you realize! LOL! What a happy little day! We thought that called for a celebratory meal at Sam's Deli! Soup and sandwich for 2 please... I seemed to be blessed with parking spaces that seemed to fall from the sky! However, coin$ to make the meter maid happy did not appear so easily... Hee Hee..we avoided a parking ticket by the hair on my chiny chin chin! Phew...!

Finally, we made the last leg of her our journey right down to Mile Zero and were treated to the most beautiful sunset...enjoy your own "sunny" days!

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