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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting to know me!

I was encouraged to start blogging by a friend of mine, shortly after moving back to Nanaimo on beautiful Vancouver Island. At first I thought...WHAT....! Why would I do that & who would care???? I am not interesting. After the seizure stopped...(not really)....I thought well why not. So I started my first blog I have published a few posts, uploaded a few cute pics (& a couple of random kooky ones); however, I never really felt that I was putting anything on the web "worthwhile". Gee thanks Audrey for getting me into this!

Then in April, I was so busy getting things ready as I had decieded to enter my first artisan market! T'winkle Market in Victoria BC down in Chinatown was a huge success...Yay Gabrielle of Delilah Squid photography! Needless to say I spent alot of time and energy getting ready for the market. Much to my surprise people found my "craft" very see I am a lampworker. You know one of those crazy people who melt glass with fire & make beads! Which then can be made into other get it! And here I thought that I was (yawn) are some of the things that make me...well...ME....

On top of that I am a Mother to 15 year old son. His name is Galen... & I also work as a perinatal (babies!) Registered Nurse. I am looking forward to getting back into running, hiking and perhaps some kayaking (seeing as the water is so close). I am really enjoying renovating my house (circa 1940s'ish Vancouver Island bungalow) in the heart of central Nanaimo. It is always great to make your house a home. My newest toy is a digital SLR, and I am having such fun photographing all kinds of usual items in an unusual ways...(definitely will post some of those curious pics)!

oh ya did I mention the melting glass with fire part???? I LOVE making glass beads!

Thanks Audrey...good luck with the race...

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