Glass & other crafty goodies

Are you fascinated with glass? Do you often wonder about all those little glass beads that we all 'play' with...How are they made & Who makes them? Well here is the answer...

Monday, July 13, 2009


So here is another little glimpse into my trinket making! This particular collection was created using pinks, purple & also includes a fused piece, The center pic is off a higher end piece which is set into 925 cute!
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Beachy Blues...Glass trinkets

Here are some of my latest glass wonders...There is an equal mix of both fused glass pieces & lampworked glass. See if you can pick them out???? I just love this colour reminds me so much of the sea glass you find washed up on shore! So summer...
I will be posting several of these pieces for sale on my etsy shop...stay tuned
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As you can see I have posted the beginnings of my my long "Honey-do" list. I am desperately trying to keep on track with completing these things, but, alas...I seem to be easily sidetracked these days! I am hoping that a big portion of the kitchen reno will be complete soon as I have just been told that the wrought iron brackets I ordered are completed! Yay! I don't know if I am most excited to see how they look or to have my things back on shelves!