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Are you fascinated with glass? Do you often wonder about all those little glass beads that we all 'play' with...How are they made & Who makes them? Well here is the answer...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holidays...the countdown begins!

Perhaps many of you know, I purchased my own kiln this fall! Now I don't need to rent kiln time from other local artist. Of course, along with the new kiln came a new line of glass which is a better fusing product. This has meant a HUGE learning curve. However, this does mean that I have been playing with my kiln & new glass....We love playtime...don't we crafty people! Lately, I have been doing screen melts. This is where you take broken pieces of glass, melt it at a high temperature so that it drips through a stainless screen and swirls together to form a new piece of glass. So fun!

In the process of doing these I managed to melt some glass into the floor of my kiln...Ahhhhh!
So now I have had a DIY lesson in kiln floor repair as well...LOL!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Long time...No blog!?*

Well, it has been a while since my last post…

My poor, poor neglected blog! Sometimes I just get so lost in the day to day... It is those moments when I wonder...What do I really have to say to the cyber-world?

I have been quite the slacker in the crafting department as well. This is really on account of the fact that I am very busy falling IN LOVE with my new kiln!

On the other hand I did manage to single handedly renovate my bathroom…paint, flooring, vanity, light fixtures and of course plumbing hook ups…now if I could only find the perfect fabric to make a curtain for the nek-ed window!
Girl Power!